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Journey to Peace — Documentary Film

Updated: Feb 8

On Easter Sunday of 2019, terrible terror occurred in Sri Lanka. A series of bomb explosions in churches and hotels killed more than 350 people.

Zion Church in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka was also attacked by the bomb. Through this incident, 29 people have lost their lives and 86 people have been injured from the church in Batticaloa. And sadly, most of the victims were children.

People were in grief for so many were injured and lost their life, and people were in fear that there might be hatred and revenge would happen in the city.

However, the community and the churches, instead of revenge, they chose to love and forgive. Hundreds of people from the city of Batticaloa came out to the streets and joined the peace march. It didn’t matter who they are, or what their religions are. They were hoping for peace.


Journey to Peace is a documentary film about the terror incident that happened in a church in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, last Easter Sunday and their journey to peace and reconciliation.

Directed and produced by Tim Solwoong Kim

Executive Producer: Sveinung Vaagen

Production Accountant: Siri Dufset Fjeldberg

Field Coordination : Anton Sinnathamby

Narration : Jeremy Croos

Special thanks to: Zion Church (Batticaloa, Sri Lanka), Faith Baptist Church (Oslo, Norway), Shalome Croos, Bente Sandtorp, Espen Thilesen, Halvor Krunenes, King Institute, Norway, Sunil, Den Norske Baptistsamfunn, YWAM TV

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